Update on Cheat,Fraud and SCAM website bubblews.com and Arvind Dixit

It is now THREE months since bubblews.com is defaulting on payments due to this author. They have kept silent and not replied to several emails sent to them. An ingenious technique deployed by the fraudster Arvind Dixit is as follows.

They send a global email to all those whose payments are pending the following email

NOTE: You don’t have to email us again. We are doing our very best to review all your accounts.
Please refrain from spamming this email address as it will not get your ticket answered faster.
Thank you for contacting the Bubblews.com Member Support Redemption Department. Your support ticket has been received and your name has been added to the list for our redemption staff to review.
Please give us enough time to review your account. 
If your account is cleared, you will see payment come through without any response from our staff.

This email was sent on April 16 2014 and today is May 02 2014 that is even after more that 16 days the review and payment has not come about.

This is another dosage of fraudulent activity and it looks like Dixit is planning planning to take a flight into oblivion with the looted advertisement MONEY and his group of thugs may do likewise. Hahaah so much for interviews that this con artist is using to advertise himself and his group of American fraudsters(I think there are three in tow).

How these social websites are cheating- a DIRECT ,COMPELLING and COMPLTE evidence

Social websites like bubblews.com and wikinut.com are cheating both writers/bloggers,on the one hand, and advertisers on the other. You must have read what I have earlier written about them on this blog:

In short both websites were asked to pay outstanding and accumulated revenue which had gathered in user account and were asked to explain reasons for delaying or not paying such outstanding monies. Both websites have NOT replied with reasons for now over months. This shows clearly that they have nothing to state in defense of their cheating activities.

Here are the emails sent to these websites on April 16 2014

TO www.bubblews.com & ARVIND DIXIT

Dear Mr. Dixit,

It is shocking not to have heard anything from your end and obviously you have not cleared the dues as claimed against you in my last email- the series of such financial claims emails began March 16 2014 and today is April 16 2014-exactly a month and you have ZERO response and ZERO settlement of claim. Please note that you may be faced with an FBI complaint of financial fraud. I am ready to hear amicably only if you and bubblews.com responds- but unfortunate part is that following your typical policy you prefer to hide denying due financial payments under gross ‘silence’. Which aggravates the crime and charge that may be pressed against you and your website.Please respond immediately.

TO wikinut.com 

It is shocking that you have kept quiet and not responded to my financial claim since January 16 2014. This is continuance and abettment of financial claims pressed against you. Please note that a police complaint may be pressed against you with British authorities for outstanding and unpaid financial dues. All details have been made known clearly to you in my earlier emails sent to you in series with this email. Please beware that continued and deliberate non response would stand against you in any police complaint or legal action.

With disgruntled users like us and several thousands over the internet these websites cannot and will not be able to make fools out of advertisers for LONG. Advertisers would soon realize that their $ revenue spent on this website will not bring in SALES but make the sales fly away due to the gross cheating in distribution of revenue indulged in by these websites.

all those users that feel cheated by these two websites please connect and join hands here.

Scam Site bubblews.com and the criminal Fraudster Arvind Dixit latest update on their thefts-April 04 2014

If FBI and IRS reads this post through any links then they must act immediately against the mentioned website and its self styled CEO cum fraudster Arvind Dixit and his three other Caucasian thugs partnering him in looting thousands of public over the internet through his PONZY and scam website  www.bubblews.com.

Please  read below in my other posts what has transpired thus far.

Thief Arvind Dixit or the so called  staff of Bubblews LLC have not responded to my claims of pending money nor have they bothered to remove system glitch. They have not answered my emails for now well over a MONTH. 

This is TERRIBLE and cheating

all members who have some dues from www.bubblews.com join hands here and let us get the staff of bubblews.com arrested along with swindler Arvind Dixit and the three other causasian partners he seem to show in his so called ‘interview’ photographs.

Read below-in other posts

FRAUD Bubblews.com & Scamster Arvind Dixit-Latest Update of March 31 2014

It has been almost three WEEKS now and the captioned FRAUD setup has not replied to my emails,paid outstanding monies,removed website glitch.

When somebody is WRONG and has no explanations this is what happens-they do not reply or respond and wait for further action.

Please avoid bubblews.com

as this is what will happen to YOU

you may be paid once or twice and in that while you wold have worked to give bubblews.com & Arvind Dixit advertising revenue worth five to six times of your lone payment.

So withdraw all your posts from bubblews.com and try some other place which is HONEST.

These guys are THIEVES.

His revenge-weird mentalities

She smiled wickedly as she shook her heavy blondes and said.” you wimp you cannot go farther than this. First learn how to monpress(money plus impress) a female and then go on a date.” She sulked heavily as he was not able to buy her that necklace which she had set her mind to. She scampered along with a handsome hulk who jeered him with a limp thumb upside down.

Six months later. He had gulped the gross insult and hurt and digested it to a venom proportion. He had followed her every day,flattering her as she dated and slept with numerous hulks making him wait for hours as she came out wearing their perfumes.

She was softened and treated him like a friend and she also did his bid on some occasions-particularly when it suited her self interest. This day it was her birthday and she got a text from him” dear ,dear HBD to you.I have a special cake slicing just for you and me . Please come at our appointed place.” Appointed place was a small cubicle at their work where nobody ever came.

She came to a decorated cabin. It was nine at night. On a lovely table there was a beautiful cake all covered with a layer of chocs and tiaras of sugar in varying colors. There was a knife with satin ribbon. He smiled and whispered, ” I will go and get the champagne bottle opener. Please cut the cake as i go out to get the opener. There is a big surprise.”

He went out and she cut the cake. A stench raced in her nostrils. Stench of rotten poop. Then she saw the message on table in red bolds” THIS IS MY POOP-selectively collected over last six months.You are worth only this SHIT. Enjoy it”

Bubblews FRAUD & Arvind Dixit Scamster UPDATE

Today is March 29 2104 and this website www.bubblews.com and its self styled CEO Arvind Dixit has not bothered to respond to issues on outstanding payments to me nor have they attended to system glitch which had affected my profile and restricted severely my earnings on their website.

It is more than two weeks NOW

VERDICT- bubblews.com is a FRAUD & SCAM

BUBBLEWS.COM & ARVIND DIXT FRAUDS are non responsive on outstanding money & system glitches

my emails have not been responded even after 10 days of filing with issues pending for months. Here is the latest email sent to Arvind Dixit

Dear Mr.Dixit,

I have not heard anything back even after months of money owed to me by bubblews.com was made known to you along with system glitches and posts that were unilaterally deleted by your staff.
Is it your policy not to respond to emails for months on important issues.
Then why claim on your website that you would contact back within 96 hours.

Today’s Update on Arvind Dixit CEO bubblews.com a fraudster already subpoenaed in many cases

Bubblews and Arvind Dixit are maintaining same fraudulent policy on claims for redemption

not reply to any emails

maintain deleted status of uncomfortable posts

do not pay pending redemption

do not attend system glitch restricting movement of users to earn revenue

keep posting fake staff managed posts

The website & the CEO are complete SCAM & FRAUD

do not ever get in their TRAP and write for them

while you read and NOD after reading today’s update. Check this another link on bubblews.com scam



Here are some comments that appeared on a hub page

Bubblews.com is a complete SCAM and FRAUD..Arvind Dixit and a few like minded thugs are laughing their way to bank earning advertising revenues on unpaid posts. Here is a complete expose on the website and Arvind Dixit,its self styled CEO…lol…..CEO..hahaha….check this out


please ensure that you do circulate this link as widely as possible so that members of public could be saved from this SCAM

what is the brick and mortar address of bubblews.com and Bubblews LLC. With what authority is it registered as an LLC(which state of US). Where does it file its tax return(IRS are you listening). What is the patent pending disclaimer displayed on website intended for. Where this patent is pending? Is it with US Patents & Trademark Office(USPTO) and what is its reference number and why has it been pending for two years when patents are given on payment of requisite fees in two hours. If it has pended for two years and more then is there something fundamentally wrong with patent application? What is it and why exact status and application number of this so called patent is not displayed on the website so that users are informed.(Best Business Bureau are you listening).

Now ould you say bubblews.com is LEGIT ..no no no no NO NO NO

bubblews.com is a SCAM &

Arvind Dixit a



We are a group of person who can vet balance sheet and schedules from any possible financial angles..would Bubblews LLC be good enough to upload its financial accounts of last couple of years so that we can pinpoint how many fake staffer accounts had been created by bubblews.com

the reported link on hubpages is here:


Cheat Bubblews.com & Fraudster Arvind Dixit

It is about a week since  I am updating you on the method of cheating of Bubblews.com and Arvind Dixit ,its CEO;

None of the pending payments issues has been settled. I have not been paid my pending redemption amounts (please see posts below).

System glitch restricting me on the website remains.

They have deleted my four exposing posts on their website and not restored and republished them for fear of widespread ‘desertion’ by honest users.(please see the posts below)

Similarly they deleted my comment on scamster and self styled CEO of bubblews.com Arvind Dixit’s own bubble of page on that website(see below)

Scamster Arvind Dixit has not replied to my emails since last 10 days despite repeated reminders and reporting of outrage on unilateral and repressive activities on their website.(Please see below such emails)

Now question arises what is the brick & mortar address of www.bubblews.com & its company Bubblews LLC whether it is Fairfax,Virginia or in the state of MD, as some complaint websites indicate. Or is it that bubblews.com displays different addresses to users in various parts of the world and ,actually, has no brick & mortar address and is a just internet fraud. Please write in enmasse to fraudster Arvind Dixit asking him his and his LLC’s complete address and contact information.

While you think over the above and conclude that bubblews.com is a complete FRAUD & SCAM please check out this link(which I came across browsing and was sent to me by another user) which says that bubblews.com pays even its biggest contributors only about 40-50% of redemptions and gets the remaining 60% FREE and earns advertising revenue on it. Here is the link



AS I concluded in my last post the uncomfortable comment raising questions about non payment and deliberately glitched profile was deleted within an hour of posting on ARVIND DIXIT’s bubble on their website. Check the link of the last post with the three screen shots here:

You can check for yourself that they have deleted the comment so swiftly. BUBBLEWS is a cheat and the only motive for deletion was : To befool all those that are presently working as mules/donkeys who would be paid once. Advertisers beware this is a disgruntled pool of clients and they may shun your brands forever as BUBBLEWS snatch money from you all showing such POSTS.